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Ibogaine Drug Treatment Facility

Detoxsal is a medically-supervised Ibogaine Treatment Facility in Central America. Situated along the picturesque Pacific coast, amid swaying gentle palms and a vibrant jewel-tone sea, this ground-breaking treatment center could pass as a luxury vacation home, making it the ideal detox treatment facility. People from all over the world come to this private tropical paradise to free themselves from the debilitating effects of drug addiction, symptom free.

Discover what South African nations have known for centuries – the detoxifying properties of“iboga,” more commonly known as Ibogaine. Regarded by medical experts as the “modern miracle” in treating drug addiction, this powerful, psychoactive substance has the ability to detoxify and reset receptors in the brain responsible for addictive thoughts and behaviors – all within a five day period, and in most cases, symptom-free. Combined with psychological counseling and behavior modification, it is possible to achieve and maintain long-term sobriety with our Five Day Detox Program.

Have questions about our Drug Detox Program? Call Toll Free 1-855-55-DETOX (33869) for more information. Call today :: Phone: 1-855-553-3869 

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