Oxycontin (Oxycodone) – A Modern Day Epidemic

Oxycontin is an opiate drug used to treat terminally ill cancer patients as well as individuals who suffer from chronic pain. In recent years, Oxycontin has become the most abused prescription drug causing an epidemic all over the world. Many individuals are prescribed the drug to manage their pain and if taken as prescribed alleviates chronic pain. Other individuals continue to increase their dose, crush the pills and begin snorting or injecting them. Use of the drug other than prescribed typically results in an unwanted addiction.

Addiction creates serious physical and emotional problems for the individual as well as family and friends. Addiction is something that takes place in the brain and alters the way an individual responds to pleasure. Addiction is an extremely frightening and lonely experience. Detoxal is committed to providing individuals with a caring, relaxing and therapeutic treatment experience.

Detoxal is a medically-supervised Ibogaine Treatment Facility located in beautiful, coastal Central America. We offer a Five Day Treatment program from Oxycontin addiction. Our Five Day Treatment program will allow you to withdraw from Oxycontin without experiencing the uncomfortable side effects of withdrawal. Our treatment program provides a medically-controlled environment in a resort-style setting using Ibogaine to cleanse your body of harmful toxins and free you from the physical and psychological effects of withdrawal.

We also provide counseling services in order to help you maintain a sobriety-free lifestyle that will assist you in the future. Our program is the safest rapid detox program.  We treat the mind and body in a 36 hour time frame. We are here to assist you in living a life worth living. We want you to learn how Detoxal can help you overcome addiction. Please contact us Toll Free at 1-855-55-DETOX (33869) today, or visit our web site http://www.thedetoxdrug.com.


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