Detoxsal And The Use Of Ibogaine

Drug addiction is like a plague on the world, with very few people unlocking the secrets to truly helping people quit. It seems that after all these decades of drugs ripping through many of our family members and friends, finally an answer has been discovered. That answer is called Ibogaine. Ibogaine is from the West African herb called Iboga which for centuries was used in spiritual practices. Recently it was discovered to stop withdrawal symptoms within 20 minutes of administering the drug. Although Ibogaine has not been approved by the FDA yet, it is available in 30 countries with staggering success.
Detoxsal is a lavish drug rehabilitation center in the gorgeous pacific coast of Central America. Along with a highly trained team of physicians administering Ibogaine, they also consult with the client on a psychological and deeply emotional level to not only treat the symptoms but to also discover the root cause for the inner struggles.
Detoxsal is a five day drug rehab treatment instead of the saturated idea of 28 days like other rehab clinics. The reason being is that with Ibogaine, drug cravings stop immediately and last for 24 months. Keep in mind however that Ibogaine will bring the client back into a “pre-addicted” state of mind, meaning you will once again be at peace with yourself. Naturally, this comes with the reality that if one were to do drugs again, it could be dangerous since your body is no longer tolerant to a high consumption.
On the first day at Detoxsal, you will go through a battery of health tests and psychological evaluation. You will also be given a very small treatment of Ibogaine to determine your tolerance level. At that point, the medical staff will give the patient the Ibogaine treatment based on their height and weight.
Keep in mind that addicts come from all walks of life and have various agrees of addiction and of course are addicted to different drugs. Ibogaine is especially designed to treat opiates such as heroine, cocaine, oxycontin and others.
If you are an addict or perhaps a family member of yours is an addict, the question you have to ask yourself is…Are you ready to finally do something about it? And if so, what will you do? There are a million different drug rehabs and they all claim to have success. But if that were true, then why would there be such a high failure rate? The truth of the matter is that one you become addicted to a drug, it is nearly impossible to quit permanently without something that shocks your system.
Ibogaine quite literally stops your cravings instantly. This is absolutely the key because “talking” about drugs and why you use drugs will only do so much. But if you have this incredible urge that keeps pressing on you, telling you to use over and over, no matter how hard you try, you’re going to want to do it. Being addicted to opiates in particular is like being addicted to breathing air. This is what non drug addicts just can’t understand. They say, “Why don’t you just quit!” The non drug addict doesn’t understand that you can’t just quit. Ibogaine will take those urges away once and for all.
All along, the patient will enjoy the sparkling blue swimming pools which is located next to the ever inviting ocean which brings the patient to a level of inner calm. Quite simply,Detoxsal is in many ways a paradise not only due to its beauty and comfort, but due to the peace that the patient will finally have in their life. Freedom comes from within.

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