Detoxsal iPhone And Android Apps

** Update ** Here is the update that includes a user guide for the Google Android App available on the Android Market, and the Apple iOS App available on iTunes – to get the apps just google Detoxsal Apps, or scan / click the following QR codes:


Detoxsal's Apple iOS App for iPhone and iPad

Detoxsal native app for iPhone is on the iTunes Store and the android version was published on Veterans Day.  The apps will make it much easier for individuals with substance abuse problems, or their family members and friends, to not only get information about detoxsal but to also have access to the experts at Detoxsal.  Using the app you can contact us directly with a built in contact form, by phone with the touch of a button, or by email.  Another nice feature of the app is that you can share information about Detoxsal on Facebook and Twitter.  Keep in mind that often times sharing information about the fast 5 Day program is all it takes to help a friend since knowledge is power.

We will update our information including an overview of exactly how the apps can assist you and an overview of the app itself and its different tools once Android App is released (Click here for information on the Google Android App, and Click here for information on the Apple iOS App.) It may be of interest to the community of “app experts” that we have been told the iPhone app has a beautiful interface from the users experience point of view; however the Android App better integrates with social apps and its functional model is often preferred over iOS (Apple) devices.  Perhaps someday Apple will implement a similar type of openness as Google in making it easy to communicate between apps like Detoxsal’s app and Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Stumble Upon, and so on.  Should that day arrive, Apple and the iPhone might take over the market.  Until then, it looks like Google Android and the Android Market will continue to grow and might be the number one mobile system!


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