Detoxification Doesn’t Have To Be Painful

There are various reasons about why people addicted to drugs never quit but really it all boils down to a simple truth… Detoxing is hard! Keep in mind that studies have always shown that humans, generally speaking, make decisions based on avoiding pain rather than gaining pleasure. This is a fact and cannot be disputed. So although nearly all drug addicts say they are going to quit, in reality it’s all talk and no action because just the thought of quitting something they are dependent on is just too painful.
The pain caused by detoxification is both mental and physical. When an addict begins detoxing from a particular drug, some of the mental pain they’ll go through are things such as depression. Others may feel anxiety or may just be moody. On the physical aspect, detox can make some experience severe withdrawal symptoms such as having diarrhea, headaches, terrible stomach pains, cold sweats, sinus infection and on and on. The reason for all these symptoms is that the body is so dependent on these drugs that it’s fighting for survival.
At Detoxsal, withdrawal symptoms are combated from the very beginning. In fact, everything about their treatment is based on helping the addict not only give up drugs but by ensuring their success rate by taking these pains associated with detox completely away. The methods they use to accomplish this are first and foremost by having the top medical experts in their respective field on staff that are trained on how to help addicts beat their addiction without withdrawals. Detoxsal is a luxerious medical rehab center which is located on the gorgeous beach frontside of Central America. This is part of the reason why the addict is able to beat the common painful aspect of detoxification, which is depression. Rather than make the addict feel like a mental patient at a ward, they are made to relax as if they are on a tropical vacation.
Detoxsal uses a state of the art treatment center that is based on an ancient herbal remedy called Ibogaine. Ibogaine is used by doctors in Canada and most other countries worldwide. They have mastered the correct analysis that to quit drugs permanently an addict must dramatically change their life. It’s a five day treatment instead of the usual thirty treatment, again releasing much of the pain that is typically experienced during rehab. But most important of all, Ibogaine completely erases all withdrawal symptoms for an average of 24 months! So you see, contrary to popular opinion, detoxing does not need to be painful.


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