Top 5 Ways To Detox From Drugs

At this point nearly all people know someone that has substance abuse problems. Or more accurately, someone who is a drug addict. The “war on drugs” has obviously been a complete failure and if you know someone who is addicted then you yourself understand why that is. If a family member is the addict, usually they are treated with kid gloves until that fails and ultimately leads to cutting off nearly all communication because it seems like a hopeless case. So is detoxing from drugs and actually quitting drugs forever impossible? Absolutely not! Some drug rehab centers such as Detoxsal have incredibly high success rates. So what are the steps needed to quit drugs on a permanent basis?

Step one is for the drug addict to make the decision on their own that they are now truly committed to never using drugs again for the rest of their lives. Just saying they are not using drugs is not enough. Keep in mind that addiction means both a physical and mental addiction to the substance. So step one means making an oath to oneself, not for anyone else, but to themself that they simply don’t want to have drugs in their system or their life anymore.
Step two is to eliminate- not distance, but to completely eliminate all the people from their lives that are involved with drugs. This step is absolutely vital. If you’re around someone who uses, especially at the beginning, it will make it nearly impossible to quit.

Step three is to research the best method of rehabilitation. For most people that means going into a drug rehab center. But then the quesion is, which one? There are so many clinics everywhere it is hard to determine which is best. For many people the best place is Detoxsal, which is a luxury resort drug rehab center off the beaches of South America. Detoxsal uses Ibogaine, an herbal remedy that is administered by trained doctors, within a five day treatment process. Detoxsal is so powerful due to the fact that it takes away all withdraway symptoms for two years.

Step four is to make peace with all the people such as family and friends, that you have hurt over your years as an addict. Try not to get upset when people are skeptical of your new life. Most addicts have lost all trust and faith in the people they love so it will take time for those people to truly believe that the addict is finally off of drugs.

Step five is to accept your happiness. Once you have achieved the previous four steps there is no reason to continue to hate yourself for the years you wasted as an addict. This is your new life so take advance of your drug free lifestyle. Don’t live in the past. Instead go out and live your life to the fullest. For many former addicts this may mean helping other addicts quit drugs.


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