The Detox Drug…Quitting

For decades now family members have been coming to grips with the fact that their loved one is horribly addicted to drugs and they don’t know what to do. This drug problem has only gotten worse due to the fact that these days most addicts are taking prescription drugs such as Oxycodone. The reason this problem is in some ways worse than others such as crack or meth, is that it almost seems acceptable. After all, it’s prescribed from a licensed doctor. Of course that’s only true for addicts who are legitimately prescribed. But more times than not, eventually an addict has to resort to either buying pills from dealers or forging fake prescriptions.

Ultimately an opiate is an opiate and whether it’s prescribed from a doctor or not doesn’t change the fact that the damage it has on people is without debate. One thing for certain is that addiction to pills appears to be much harder to quit than even other drugs. So what is one to do?

One option that is really picking up steam and becoming more and more popular is the use of Ibogaine. It should be made clear that Ibogaine is not yet approved by the FDA and so it’s not legal in the United States. However many drug rehab centers such as Detoxsal use Ibogaine legally in Central America. Ibogaine has quickly become the detox drug due to the fact that it takes away withdrawal symptoms and cravings from drug addicts for up to two years.

Though Ibogaine is an herbal remedy it must be administered by a trained medical staff. Obviously not having to deal with withdrawal symptoms is a huge factor in beating addiction but it’s not the only thing. To truly quit drugs an addict must analyze their life, often times from childhood to the present, to determine why they were drawn to drugs. A detoxification clinic will help the addict uncover emotional pains that perhaps were unknown to the user prior. Keep in mind that it will take some time for an addict to get used to the new life they will live now that they are no longer using drugs. For one thing they will have to adjust to not playing the game of chasing drugs. Addicts spend much of their days trying to score more drugs, meeting with addicts, trying to get money, etc. Now they won’t have any of that. With all that free time the best thing to do is to make peace with those you hurt and start living the life that everyone deserves.

Ibogaine Drug Treatment Facility
Detoxsal is a medically-supervised Ibogaine Treatment Facility in Central America. Situated along the picturesque Pacific coast, amid swaying gentle palms and a vibrant jewel-tone sea, this ground-breaking treatment center could pass as a luxury vacation home, making it the ideal detox treatment facility. People from all over the world come to this private tropical paradise to free themselves from the debilitating effects of drug addiction, symptom free.
Discover what West African nations have known for centuries – the detoxifying properties of “iboga,” more commonly known as Ibogaine. Regarded by medical experts as the “modern miracle” in treating drug addiction, this powerful, psychoactive substance has the ability to detoxify and reset receptors in the brain responsible for addictive thoughts and behaviors – all within a five day period, and in most cases, symptom-free. Combined with psychological counseling and behavior modification, it is possible to achieve and maintain long-term sobriety with our Five Day Detox Program.
Have questions about our Drug Detox Program? Call Toll Free 1-855-55-DETOX (33869) for more information.


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