Detoxsal’s Apps

** Update for Android Release! **

The Detoxal Android app was released today, November 11, 2011, and Detoxsal wants to thank take this opportunity to thank all those serving in the US Military, and our great Veterans for their service.  One special US Veteran is our very own Developer and true software guru “Professor Ed” of Wise Apps – thank you for the great service to your country, and to our industry!  Wise Apps is putting their expertise in Top Secret defense and aero space systems to work in creating systems for internet marketing including apps, web sites built on CMS standards, and a new and exciting way to connect everything together.

Click for more information about the Detoxsal Google Android App on the Android Market or the Detoxsal Apple iPhone App on iTunes – Detoxsal is working hard to get the word out about the detox program that gives fast results to overcoming addition to pain pills (like oxy oxycontin, a trade name for the narcotic oxycodone hydrochloride, with street names like 40, 80, Blue, Hillbilly Heroine, Kicker, Oxycotton). Contact Detoxsal 1.855.553.3869 to make arrangements to help a loved one, a friend, or if you yourself need help kicking the habit.

Here are a couple of screen shots of the Android app showing the various features of the new Detoxsal App:


Detoxsal recently also released their new iPhone App on Apple’s iTunes, and the Android version, showcased above, is now on the Android Market.  The apps make it easy to get information about Detoxsal, and for anyone dealing with substance abuse, either personally or with a family member, loved one, or friend to have quick access to the information and experts at Detoxsal.  Using the app you can contact us directly with a built in contact form, by phone with the touch of a button, or by email.  There is also the ability to share about Detoxsal on FaceBook and Twitter – sometimes sharing the information about the fast 5-Day program is all it takes to help a friend.  Here are a couple of screen shots of the iPhone app:

An interesting note for our friends considered as “app experts,” we are told that the iPhone app is considered to be pulchritudinous from the user experience point of view; however, the Android App better integrates with social apps and its functional model is often preferred over iOS (Apple) devices.  If Apple ever implements the same openness in making it easy to communicate between apps like Detoxsal’s app and Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Stumble Upon, and so on, Apple and the iPhone might take over the market.  Until then, it looks like Google Android and the Android Market might be the number one mobile system according to users!

Here is the QR code for iPhone (the app works on iPad too):

Android QR code:

For more information on Detoxsal’s Apps

 Please note that Google and Apple are trademarks of the respective organizations, and they in no way in endorse the apps.


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